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Okii – USB Focus Controller

This is the first USB Focus controller in the world compatible with Canon HDSLR cameras. And it has not only the capability to control focus, but a VERY BIG set of additional features that makes it really useful for filmmaking and photography purposes.

As already mentioned in this article, we were invited by the manufacturer (Okii Systems LLC.) to participate on the process of beta-testing this device.

Our testing process took 2 months on which we thoroughly tested the controller, giving feedback, reports, ideas and suggestions to the manufacturer. Please note that we are NOT the designers nor manufacturer of this controller.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT valid thru 03/31/2011: There is a special Coupon Code to get $50 discount for those readers interested to buy it, please see below.


The controller is very well made, it feels solid and strong but it’s lightweight at the same time. Enclosure and knob are made of black anodized aluminum, giving it a very nice look.

It has a round shape design, easy to handle and a 1/4″-20 standard mounting hole on the back face, so you can easily mount it on any kind of support.

It obviously works via USB cable connected to the camera, so basically you can remotely control your camera, but with the HUGE advantage that it does not turn off the camera’s LCD screen! So think about the possibilities.


With this controller you can remotely do the following:

  • Toggle Live View mode On/Off
  • Start/Stop video recording
  • Take pictures
  • Set focus / change focus before and whilst recording video using the knob or 2 dedicated Near/Far buttons
  • Save focus points and do Rack Focus operations before and whilst recording video (*)
  • Change camera settings: ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed and Exposure Compensation
  • Trigger camera’s light metering system in both Live View on and off modes
  • Trigger Auto Focus in Live View mode
  • Toggle between Zoom Levels x1, x5 and x10
  • Adjust Focus Zone (white rectangle) positioning with lens set to Manual or Auto Focus mode (the lens mode is automatically detected)
  • Reverse the direction of the knob to match your lens or preferences

(*) On certain lenses only. See more details below.

All these operations can be done remotely via USB cable without even touching the camera. As you can see, it is a fully featured accessory for both Filmmakers and Photographers.

Additional features and specifications:

  • Multicolor LED indicator
  • Controller’s battery level monitoring and low battery indication
  • 30+ hour battery life on two AAA alkaline batteries
  • ¼”-20 mount on back plate for rig mounting
  • CNC milled from 6061 aluminum and hard coat anodized
  • 4.7 oz (133 g) total weight with included batteries
  • Made in the USA


It is very important to understand that this is not a mechanical follow focus. It is a USB focus controller, with its advantages and limitations (the real limitations are due to Canon’s USB implementation).

To fully understand the capabilities and benefits of the Okii USB Focus controller, you should read the following:

Once you really understand HOW the controller works, then you start taking advantage of its great capabilities. It is very important to configure the controller to your specific camera and lens to get the best performance. So take a bit of time reading the instructions.


The Okii USB Controller is fully compatible with the following cameras:


The manufacturer (Okii Systems LLC.) kindly allowed us to give a Coupon Code to get $50 discount on your purchase. It is cumulative, if you buy two controllers you get $100 discount.

  • COUPON CODE:  okii50

IMPORTANT: this coupon code is valid thru March 31, 2011.
To place your order visit the manufacturer website: www.okii.net


We made some video tests, so readers can get a better idea of some features:

Changing Focus using USB FF Controller’s Knob

Also available with full details of camera/lens & controller settings: http://vimeo.com/19686218

USB Follow Focus OKii on Kessler PocketJib

Test by Eric Soulier

Rack Focus Test 1

Rack Focus Test 3

MORE VIDEOS: You can see additional videos at the manufacturer website and a demonstration video showing the main features in this article: USB Focus Controller.


This small controller has a very BIG potential. It can be used for Filmmaking and Photography purposes, making it very versatile.

It may take a couple of hours to learn how to use the controller’s functions. And that IS important. But once you understand how it works, you start getting the benefits and liking this small device a lot. After some practice you don’t even need to see the buttons.

With this controller you can do LOT of things that otherwise are hard or even impossible. For instance:

– You want to shoot a scene where the camera is mounted on a hard to reach place or support (a jib or a car support, for instance). You can use your external monitor connected to the camera to see the scene, and at the same time control focus and the most important functions via the Okii USB FF controller. Nice!

– You can save 4 focus points, and do a Rack Focus operation through all of them (this feature is available on certain lens only, please check the information above).

– Of course, you can also use the knob to change focus manually, even while recording.

– This controller is also great for Photography. Any situation where not touching the camera or lens is required or convenient (like macro photography, remote photography or when using long telephoto lenses) will take advantage of this great device.


This is a GREAT controller with lot of potential applications for filmmaking and photography. You just need to learn the proper operation and configuration to take full advantage of its great capabilities. We highly recommend it.



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