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Zoom H4N – Firmware Update 1.70


If you have followed our blog since a while ago, you already know that we always encourage and support all kind of improvements via firmware updates. In fact we encourage every possible improvements to already existing cameras or every kind of device, because that increases the product competitivity and value.

On November 18th, Zoom Corporation (an innovative japanese company) has released a new “system update” (which is a firmware update) that gives the user independent level controls on the two XLR inputs available on the device, adding a new level of versatility to the most popular handheld recorder on the market.

The Zoom H4N became the popular affordable solution for most HDSLR shooters. Chek its great features and specs clicking here!

This new functionality available thanks to the firmware update is especially useful for serious audio recording and will be very much appreciated for those who use it with HDSLRs for video or filmmaking purposes.

Download link: http://www.zoom.co.jp/english/download/software/h4n.php


This is another demonstration that firmware updates can bring more or enhanced features and versatility to already designed and in production devices. That means no really big costs since firmware updates are in fact software updates, no hardware changes are required to the current production line.

Of course, we keep on requesting Canon to improve the EOS line of HDSLRs, which has a huge potential inside, not fully exploited yet.

As a reminder we mention very few examples of features that CAN be improved on many current Canon DSLR cameras:

  • “Clean” HDMI / AV output (function to enable/disable the white focus square in Live View mode)
  • Auto ISO limiters (in normal and Live View mode) (1*)
  • Manual Audio gain control (2*)
  • More frames available on Bracketing mode (for HDR photography)
  • Capability to “Edit” movie/video clip in camera (3*)

NOTES: Some of these simple features are already available in some specific DSLRs, while they are not in other models (many times MUCH more expensive). In most cases there is no hardware limitation, it’s only a matter of firmware (software), which controls the camera.

It’s even ridiculous to find some of these functions in P&S compact cameras that cost less than $500 (lens included), but not in thousand of dollars more expensive DSLRs cameras (body-only).

(1*): This function is already available in EOS 60D and EOS T2i/550D, but not in much more expensive models like EOS 5D Mark II or EOS 7D.

(2*): This function is only available on EOS 5D Mark II and the new EOS 60D

(3*): This feature is only available on EOS 7D, EOS 60D and EOS T2i/550D.

This inconsistency and incoherence is indeed something that Canon SHOULD fix.

For more possible enhancements, check our List of Fixes & Improvements.


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Canon Official Update Information #2


  • Update
  • Additional Issues


Canon has updated the download page of Firmware 2.0.3

You can read the original Canon statement here.

A copy of the updated text is below:


EOS 5D Mark II Firmware Update Version 2.0.3

Recently we have discovered a malfunction that occurs with Firmware Version 2.0.3, in which the manual recording levels for C1/C2/C3 are changed and the camera becomes unable to record audio if the power is turned off (or if Auto power off takes effect) after registering “Sound Recording: Manual” in the camera user settings.

We apologize very sincerely for the inconvenience, but we are going to stop making this firmware available for download. For customers who have already updated to the new firmware, when using the camera with the mode dial set to C1/C2/C3, please either set the sound recording settings to Auto.

We are currently preparing firmware that will correct this malfunction. As soon as those preparations have been completed, we will let you know on this Web site. In the meantime, we apologize for the inconvenience this represents, but please wait until the fixed firmware is ready.


We really thank Canon for taking fast actions on this regard, and also those active users who took the initiative to share and report it immediately.


This is our remaining big concern: Are there any additional issues?

We are receiving reports that seem to indicate that possibility. Some of them:

– Weird noises coming from the lens and/or Aperture changes in M mode while not in LIveView mode, without the user doing any change. Even using different lenses.

Could it be another kind of malfunction in the connection between camera and lens? In fact it is one of the functions that was also recoded.

– Inconsistent stuttering and/or dropped frames on 24p (in some cases or cameras)

– Are black dots appearing again? One reader has posted a comment with a video test.

If you experience any of these or other malfunction: please REPORT it to Canon soon. You can also post it here (but report it to Canon).

Contact Canon: Information is here.


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Bugs / Issues on Firmware 2.0.3


  • Bug / Issue
  • Considerations
  • Contact Canon


The firmware 2.0.3 is in fact a great update and has been very long awaited by thousands of customers, as it was demonstrated by the high overload that Canon servers suffered few hours after it was announced to be available for download.

But a day after its release, there are lot of reports telling an issue related to the new Audio functionality not being registered properly in Custom modes.

Below are few of those reports:

“No audio in C modes unless I set my audio levels in one of the “creative” modes (M, Av, Tv, ) first and then go into my C mode of choice. Kinda defeats the purpose of having a C mode if I have to go to another mode first…”

“I have found the same thing. It only seems to work if you move from one of the other creative modes to a Custom mode. If you turn the camera OFF, then go to a Custom mode, turn the camera back ON, and then try to record Manual audio, you will get signal levels on your meters, but no audio is recorded.”



Probably if video/movie professionals had been given the firmware to test months ago, this bug would have been picked-up and other very easy features could have been suggested for inclusion:

– Option to have histogram overlay whilst actually recording
– Have audio meters showing whilst recording
– Easier/quicker way to change audio levels

We really hope Canon solve it soon. And also add some of the above suggestions too, why not? They are completely possible, just like AutoISO limits.

But the most important now is to fix this problem.

We encourage all customers to report this bug/issue to Canon.

It has to be fixed because custom modes are VERY important and even essential for professionals who use the 5D Mark II on a daily basis.

Just imagine you make all your settings and register them in a Custom mode, like most users and professionals usually do. Then after turning ON the camera you select your Cx mode and start filming, but after you finish your work you notice there is no audio on the footage! It is not normal.


Report this problem. We all need it fixed.

You can Contact Canon by phone or email (we strongly suggest to call Canon if you are in USA or Canada):

– USA: 1-800-828-4040
– CANADA: 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666)
– USA e-mail Support

– UK: 0844 369 0100
– Europe e-mail Support
– Europe  Telephone Support

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