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At least and at last Canon said something!

– From CANON Europe:

EOS 5D Mark II firmware planned

” (…) This scheduled firmware development for the camera is being developed as a direct result of feedback received from cinematographers and photographers. “

– From CANON Europe:

Download the full press release (PDF, 92kB)

“ Canon today announces that it is currently developing a firmware update to the EOS 5D Mark II to enable the recording of high definition 1080p video at 24 and 25fps. The decision to develop new firmware to support these features has been taken following feedback received from cinematographers and photographers.


New 5DMKII & 1D News from Canon

“We understand that EOS 5D Mark II users desire additional frame rates and we’re preparing a firmware update to allow the camera to shoot at both 24P and 25P,” said Chris Macleod, Brand Manager – EOS, Canon Australia. “The upgrade to 24P and 25P will broaden the usage scope for this popular camera to include cinema and broadcast applications, respectively.”Canon expects the firmware update to be available in the first half of 2010 and will release more details as they become available.


Just in case it isn’t still clear enough:

  • ALL Frame Rates must be the STANDARD ones.
    That means 29.97fps for “30p” and so on.

We are very happy with this announcement, BUT we don’t see a clear reason why to wait until 2010 for the firmware update, because it has been beta tested since months ago… (as mentioned here in previous posts)

Probably it is being improved, but it looks like more as a marketing strategy than a real technical reason. We hope the firmware is released sooner than later.


It’s a great opportunity and it would be a smart move from Canon to also fix, improve and add some other features in this firmware update, especially because this camera has a HUGE potential inside still not exploited, as Magic Lantern project has already proven. Check the Features Request List for reference.

Releasing the new firmware without fixing AGC (for instance, a VERY easy fix) would be ridiculous…

It would be great to see some of Magic Lantern features in upcoming firmware updates.


Adding and improving functions via Firmware Updates on an already-designed and already in-production camera can be a new and very smart way of doing business,especially because this cameras has HUGE potential still not exploited and already known.

To keep selling a camera model for longer periods of time and to keep customers’ loyalty at the same time is extremely important in a competitive market, and will reflect in more sales on in-production cameras (meaning improved cost/profit ratio in serial production), lenses, accessories and also future camera models.

Because when customers see that a company does care about improving existing cameras, the chances for buying that brand again are MUCH higher. (See previous post for a quoted reader’s comment).

All of that has the logical consequence of long term company profit.


Until an official announcement with full details, we should keep on calling Canon to register our Features request for the 5D Mark II.

And even after the release, because this camera has lot more to give (that Canon won’t implement at once) and this doesn’t end here.

Check the previous post for instructions and a Reference List. It’s VERY easy and fast. Thanks for joining us! As you can see, community efforts do bring results.


We want to express special thanks to all those people AROUND the WORLD who did help in any and many ways to achieve this goal, even while many others said it was futile or impossible (just like the campaign for Manual Control…).

It’s because of them, acting as a Community or by their own, but aiming the same goal, that we will all have the “so requested” update.

We also thank very much some few websites (some of them linked in previous post and/or at the right side of this page). Very specially to Cinema 5D forum which has become an incredible source of information and technical help for all 5D Mark II users, with lots of creative initiatives. Magic Lantern and many other improvements and accessories were born there.

Even Canon should take a deep look at that site… (if they aren’t already…)

While many websites were reluctant to write or post anything to help this “Campaign”, which in fact was and is for the benefit of ALL users, few others supported it without hesitation. So thank you very much.

And finally, but not in last place:

Thanks to Canon for “listen to customers”. You are leading the market with innovation, and addressing those (so requested) improvements to an existing and very popular model you ensure your leadership and also your profit.

As we already told: Community actions DO bring results. Thanks to everyone supporting these campaigns.

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Edit: Please also check next post  Canon: What is going on? (2)

In the light of the 7D having the features we all (owners of 5D Mark II) want and NEED,  we will say this very clear this time:

1- Canon DID have a Firmware with “full manual control” for the 5D Mark II since many months before their release on June 2009. Actually, the firmware was created around end 2008. So the statement about “big engineering efforts” to bring full manual control to customers due “popular demand” is NOT true, is a farce.

The only truth is that they already had it, and the demand was HUGE. So they decided to give it to customers (after improving the unofficial firmware a bit, to give more accuracy on settings and ease of use)

2- Canon ALREADY has 24/25p firmware for 5D Mark II, it was tested in many productions since months ago.
It seemed it needed to be improved though.

1 & 2 are something that some few more people do know for a fact.


– Are you still “listening to customers”?
What about all the cinematography/videography market that invested in 5D Mark II and Full Frame expensive lenses?

What about the so long requested 24/25p and some other (very possible) improvements?
And the HIGHLY needed 29.97 instead of the current non-standard 30.00?

– Even more, what about a 720p option, that could help so many customers/professionals a lot in many jobs, which would also extend the current recording time limit (which is in fact a 4GB file size limit)?

– Are you going to offer 24/25/30 at Full HD (1080p) and HD (720p), and even 60fps at VGA (640×480) in a $1,000 cheaper, cropped sensor camera and forget everything you achieved in the market with the 5D Mark II and all your customers?

– Or are you going to put more efforts and improve the 5D Mark II Firmware too ?

The full manual control was publicly released due the HUGE demand and popularity, it was a convenient move in business terms.
If we all (community around the world) hadn’t requested it by every possible way, it could have probably been never released (officially, cause it was already “there”).

– Canon should take care of customers loyalty, even for a matter of business.
So many responses given by tech support when asking about manual control were kind of joke, completely unprofessional, like some statements in the original 5D Mark II White Paper (removed from 5D MK II webpage after a while)

– If Canon does not improve 5D Mark II, we are getting used to be treated VERY unprofessionally, with silence as answers to our questions/request, or with responses that say nothing but “we can not tell anything about what Canon is or is not going to…”

– Customers of a professional camera and professional line of lenses, investing thousands of dollars in Canon equipment deserve respect, good customer service, attention, and clear answers to their inquiries and requests.

We are not talking about a $200 camera, but a $2,700 body-only camera…

– Magic Lantern Project team has proven to be more efficient and creative in few months, than Canon with all their resources in a much longer period of time.


We are tired of being a kind of toys in the business topic.
In the facts, customers are EVERYTHING for a company. Without customers’ purchases and loyalty, the company will not survive.

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