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Manufacturer website: www.LCDVF.com

This is a “must have” accessory: a finder to see your LCD display bigger, so important for filmmakers and photographers.

It has extremely good optics and design. It gives a clear and sharp view of the entire LCD display without optic aberrations. No vignetting nor distorted corners at all.

Very handy in every situation. The magnetic mounting design makes it extremely fast and easy to mount/unmount in a second. The rubber eyepiece is really soft, skin friendly and very comfortable. You can also use a BlueStar cushion on it for even more comfort.

Compatible with many Canon EOS and Nikon camera models. Also suitable for P&S cameras that have LCD displays with the specified dimensions. Highly recommended.


Please be aware that thre are some fake LCD viewfinder products similar to LCDVF but the optics and construction used in those products is far inferior of the original.

The original LCDVFs use achromatic doublet lenses instead of a simple condenser lens to achieve uncompromized image quality. Read more about the quality difference…

Suitable for most 3″ screens.
There are also versions for 3:2 and 16:9 aspect ratio LCD screens!


● Spontaneously transform your video enabled DSLR into a discreet handheld video camera
● Stabilizes camera when shooting video handheld
● Aids on the fly focusing
● Allows the use of LCD in bright daylight outdoors
● Magnification of 200% specially tailored to most 3″ LCD screens
● AR coated and optically corrected lens with 40mm clear aperture
● No diopter correction (usable up to -4)
● Robust and durable: no moving parts
● Splash and dust proof
● 180 degrees flippable design allows instant left or right eye usage
● Universal magnetic mounting interface allows rapid mounting and demounting without any wear and tear
● Allows the use of battery and wireless grip and all other original accessories
● Flat mounting interface allows easy cleaning of the LCD screen

Please check the Manufacturer website for full specifications and user manual.

Where to buy

U.S.A: LCDVF Digital SLR Viewfinder at B&H (other retailers available).
Please note that there are also versions for 3:2 and 16:9 aspect ratio LCD screens to fit most current cameras!

Worldwide: http://www.lcdvf.com/shop.php


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