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5D Mark II - TEAMThis site is not affiliated with Canon Inc.

We are a group of Photographers and Filmmakers around the world who have chosen Canon equipment for serious jobs.

The original purpose of this site was to act as a platform to help conducting and supporting many campaigns requesting improvements for the EOS 5D Mark II, encouraging current and potential users to join us. Check one of the original posts here.

Those campaigns were aimed to get Full Manual Control, which Canon released on June 2009 “by Popular Demand“. Later we worked for further improvements like Standard 24/25/30p modes, which Canon announced in October 2009 after a huge “Calling Canon” campaign, and released in March 2010: “Developed following feedback from photographers and cinematographers

We keep on working, giving feedback on possible fixes and improvements, because the 5D Mark II still has HUGE potential inside, not fully exploited yet.

All these long processes, along other factors, have indeed benefited other models like 7D, 1D Mark IV and T2i/550D, which weren’t originally planned to have so rich movie features.

Any help of any kind in our purpose will be very much appreciated. If you want to contact us, please check the Contact page.

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