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NAB SHOW 2011 – Some Comments


NAB Show 2011 has ended few days ago, and we couldn’t let it go without sharing some comments and thoughts.

One of the most relevant considerations for the convergence trend and the HDSLR market is to remind that NAB was mainly (and mostly) aimed to broadcasting equipment. In fact NAB means “National Association of Broadcasters”, so NAB Show was all about that.

At least it was until the appearance of Canon EOS 5D Mark II and all subsequent cameras with Full HD movie/video capturing capabilities.

That’s not a minor point, but a very big one. If you had the chance to visit NAB Show few years ago, and also this latest 2011 show, you know what we mean.

In this 2011 version, there were LOT of new products clearly aimed for HDSLR cameras, more than ever.

There is no doubt that the Canon 5D Mark II was a “game changer”, even without Canon’ specific intentionality (in fact they were surprised and didn’t expect that success, it took them many months, with huge amount of firmware improvements requests in between (1) to realize the potential of this new growing market).

Since then, everything has changed to most major DSLR cameras manufacturers.

Note (1): Just to mention few of those worldwide campaigns and requests: Petition to Canon Inc., “Calling Canon” Campaign , List of Fixes & Improvements, and thousands of Canon customers and users requesting by their own or by many other ways.


Below we list a couple of our friends who have covered this event and can give you lot more of VERY interesting information of new technologies and products at NAB Show 2011. We highly recommend checking their websites:

You can find lot of additional information at many other sites, and of course you can visit NABShow website as well.

Image credits: © 2011 National Association of Broadcasters

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