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EOS 7D Firmware Update 1.2.5

UPDATE: April 20, 2011 – Firmware version 1.2.5 for EOS 7D was removed from Canon UK. Check this article to know more.

Canon has released a new firmware update for the EOS 7D . It includes some fixes and improvements, but there is still no option to disable AGC (auto gain control).

Weird indeed, this firmware refers to a previous version (1.2.4) that was not widely announced. Moreover, this new version 1.2.5 still doesn’t appear on Canon USA website at the time of writing this article.

EOS 7D Firmware version 1.2.5

Changes in this firmware:

Firmware Version 1.2.5 incorporates the following improvements and fixes.

1. Fixed a rare phenomenon in which there were rare cases where movie files taken could not be opened when repeatedly shooting movies with specific CF cards.

2. Fixed a rare phenomenon in which there were cases where “Err 02” appeared when repeatedly shooting still images with specific CF cards.

3. Fixed a phenomenon that occurred when using high-capacity (32 GB or greater) CF cards: If either a CF card with only a little available space remaining or the battery was removed and then reinserted into the camera, and then the user attempted to start shooting movies immediately, shooting would stop.

4. Improved the writing/reading speeds when using UDMA 7-compatible CF cards.

5. Fixed a phenomenon that occurred when custom function C.Fn 4-1 was set to assign IS start to the AF stop button on the lens: When used with lenses that do not have an AF stop button, the IS function would not work.

6. Corrected some mistakes in the menu screens displayed in Arabic and Portuguese. (This applies to models in overseas markets. The models for the Japanese market do not display those languages.)

The Version 1.2.5 firmware being released this time is for cameras with firmware up to Version 1.2.4. If the camera’s firmware is already Version 1.2.5, it is not necessary to update the firmware. Note that cameras with the Version 1.2.5 firmware (and also Versions 1.2.0 through 1.2.4) cannot be downgraded to a previous firmware version (such as Version 1.1.0 or earlier).


Official download from Canon UK:


Select “Firmware” on that page, and you will see the link to download it.

As always, please read ALL the instructions given by Canon very carefully before proceeding to update your camera. Use a fully charged battery (Canon brand) and do NOT touch anything during the process.

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  1. […] Canon EOS 7D firmware update 1.2.5 released – it includes no additional features like audio updates – it is mainly a few bug fixes – please read below for all the details and the download links. Interestingly there is one fix for an “err 02″ problem which I thought was something you had to send the camera back to Canon to repair. That’s good! Our thanks to the 5Dmark2Team for sending us the alert. […]

    Pingback by Canon EOS 7D firmware update 1.2.5 released | planet5D - HDSLR community | April 20, 2011 | Reply

  2. The download is unfortunately no longer available. I think that was a mistake.

    Comment by Fotoprinz | April 21, 2011 | Reply

  3. Has anyone else tried this firmware update? is this for real? Someone knows why canon killed the link from their offical site?

    Comment by Juan Jose Rocha | April 21, 2011 | Reply

    • Yes, it is real.

      Although we have no idea (yet) why Canon killed the links.

      This indeed is very weird in every aspect. So if you have a 7D with Firmware 1.2.3, we suggest not to update yet, but to wait a bit instead, to see if things get clearer. Just as caution.


      Comment by 5D Mark II Team | April 21, 2011 | Reply

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