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The firmware 2.0.3 is in fact a great update and has been very long awaited by thousands of customers, as it was demonstrated by the high overload that Canon servers suffered few hours after it was announced to be available for download.

But a day after its release, there are lot of reports telling an issue related to the new Audio functionality not being registered properly in Custom modes.

Below are few of those reports:

“No audio in C modes unless I set my audio levels in one of the “creative” modes (M, Av, Tv, ) first and then go into my C mode of choice. Kinda defeats the purpose of having a C mode if I have to go to another mode first…”

“I have found the same thing. It only seems to work if you move from one of the other creative modes to a Custom mode. If you turn the camera OFF, then go to a Custom mode, turn the camera back ON, and then try to record Manual audio, you will get signal levels on your meters, but no audio is recorded.”



Probably if video/movie professionals had been given the firmware to test months ago, this bug would have been picked-up and other very easy features could have been suggested for inclusion:

– Option to have histogram overlay whilst actually recording
– Have audio meters showing whilst recording
– Easier/quicker way to change audio levels

We really hope Canon solve it soon. And also add some of the above suggestions too, why not? They are completely possible, just like AutoISO limits.

But the most important now is to fix this problem.

We encourage all customers to report this bug/issue to Canon.

It has to be fixed because custom modes are VERY important and even essential for professionals who use the 5D Mark II on a daily basis.

Just imagine you make all your settings and register them in a Custom mode, like most users and professionals usually do. Then after turning ON the camera you select your Cx mode and start filming, but after you finish your work you notice there is no audio on the footage! It is not normal.


Report this problem. We all need it fixed.

You can Contact Canon by phone or email (we strongly suggest to call Canon if you are in USA or Canada):

– USA: 1-800-828-4040
– CANADA: 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666)
– USA e-mail Support

– UK: 0844 369 0100
– Europe e-mail Support
– Europe  Telephone Support

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    Pingback by Anonymous | March 17, 2010 | Reply

  2. Agree.. a transparent histogram while filming and the ability to adjust audio levels on the fly (perhaps with the blue ‘+ -‘ zoom buttons would be perfect!

    Comment by Jas | March 17, 2010 | Reply

  3. Wow. You all on are it. Thanks for your rigor and coverage of these updates. Very much appreciated.

    I also want to make sure that we as a community THANK CANON for listening and making a strong effort in the first place. Major props to them!

    Comment by Jeff Dolan | March 18, 2010 | Reply

  4. […] de website 5D Mark II Team zijn er problemen met de nieuwe audio instellingen wanneer je één van de Custom modes gebruikt […]

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  5. As Canon 5DmkII owner, I have upgraded my camera from firmware version1.2.4 to the newest 2.0.3. After the upgrade, in all modes except C1,C2 and C3, I am receiving ERROR 70 message, and camera is not usable. I managed to downgrade camera back to FW 1.2.4 and now it iseems that everything works fine again. After trying to upgrade to 2.0.3 again, camera was not working again.

    What is wrong here, my camera or the new firmware? Please help.

    Comment by Ivica | March 18, 2010 | Reply

  6. Lol, I didnt upgrade since I expected bugs… As there was no proper beta testing. Canon got caught up in the hype and the techies thought they knew better than the users.

    Programmer Rule 1: LISTEN TO AND INVOLVE THE USERS!!! 🙂

    Programmer rule 2: Don’t forget Programmer Rule 1.

    Some glaring omissions in 2.0.3:

    1. Variable frame rates for under/over cranking is missing.. From 1080p/1f to 1080p/60f.

    2. or just make it 720p/60f to start with if the other one is too hard.

    3. Zebra stripes… during record for exposure

    4. HD monitoring during record

    5. Focus racking (like in Magic Lantern)

    6. Less compression – or even RAW output.

    7. Zoom in to sensor (e.g. Simulate smaller sensors) and record only zoomed in portion…

    8. 1/48 shutter

    9. Not too much benefit in the Audio improvement (no monitoring + cameranoise unavoidable). Focus on video improvements. We can use external recorders!

    10. Am sure others have more…


    Comment by 5d user | March 18, 2010 | Reply

  7. On the compression issue…

    How about 2k instead of 1080p?

    Comment by 5d user | March 18, 2010 | Reply

  8. […] issues appear to be sound related, as reported over on the 5D Mark II Team blog (note, despite the name, it isn’t an official Canon blog.) […]

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