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5D Mark II gets 720p60 Mode

According to this Canon Workshop, the 5D Mark II will get 720p60 video mode:

Createasphere – Canon Intensive Workshop – Canon EOS HD Video:
Shoot, Post and Deliver – Playback  (source: www.cameradeparment.tv)

Pay special attention to what they say and show on the video at ~ 5:00.

If Canon is interested to “compete” with RED, then Canon must include even more “Film making” Features in their current line of DSLRs with Full HD capabilities. And that’s completely possible via Firmwar Update.

Control of focus and bracketing, Focus Assistance, Focus rack, Zebra stripes (video peaking), Manual gain control (audio), On-screen audio meters, and LOT more features and improvements have already been proven to be possible by Magic Lantern.

Not to mention the big chance that Canon has to improve the AF algorithm in Live View mode (contrast detection Auto Focus), AND even the implementation of “Focus Assistance system” or “Focus Detection Area” which could tell when a specific area of the frame is in focus or not.


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  1. people are being very quiet about this article!!

    whats going on??? this is HUUUGE news.

    heres another article with the same guy… but he does not mention 60p.


    thn scroll down to “Canon DSLRs – EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 7D and the new EOS 1D Mark IV”

    the comment is right in the last ten seconds of the video.

    guys please email me if you hear of anything regarding the 5dmkii firmware update to 60p


    Comment by james | December 6, 2009 | Reply

  2. […] Mark II will get 720p60 mode – Today, 09:05 PM 5D Mark II gets 720p60 Mode 5D Mark II Great news for 5D2 owners.. […]

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    as people have been saying, the reps are really helpful, this is what i got from the rep in bullet form…

    * a whitepaper update will probably be announced in th enext few weeks

    * the firmware update will probably be in the first QUARTER of 2010

    * rep: “i dont know if it will have the 60fps feature”

    (i then pushed him further to elaborate on this)

    * “my guess is that it probably will have all the video features of the 7d”

    so its seems its looking good for the 60fps feature in the next firmware update dues in the first quarter of next year. i was a little worried when he said “i dont know if it will have the 60fps feature” but when i asked again, he did change his tone sounding more positive about this feature

    Comment by james | December 11, 2009 | Reply

    • WELL DONE!

      Thanks a lot James for Calling Canon, and also for posting your experience and the information you got. Very much appreciated.

      That’s HOW this works (hope everyone understand this); users / customers acting and politely requesting (calling) together as Community.

      We also got some clues that the new firmware could be released on January, we are all waiting for it, but also would like to see more (completely possible) improvements there.

      Especially those aimed for Film Making… We really hope Canon consider them, if not in this release, in further one.

      Comment by 5dmark2 | December 11, 2009 | Reply

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