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Edit: Please also check next post  Canon: What is going on? (2)

In the light of the 7D having the features we all (owners of 5D Mark II) want and NEED,  we will say this very clear this time:

1- Canon DID have a Firmware with “full manual control” for the 5D Mark II since many months before their release on June 2009. Actually, the firmware was created around end 2008. So the statement about “big engineering efforts” to bring full manual control to customers due “popular demand” is NOT true, is a farce.

The only truth is that they already had it, and the demand was HUGE. So they decided to give it to customers (after improving the unofficial firmware a bit, to give more accuracy on settings and ease of use)

2- Canon ALREADY has 24/25p firmware for 5D Mark II, it was tested in many productions since months ago.
It seemed it needed to be improved though.

1 & 2 are something that some few more people do know for a fact.


– Are you still “listening to customers”?
What about all the cinematography/videography market that invested in 5D Mark II and Full Frame expensive lenses?

What about the so long requested 24/25p and some other (very possible) improvements?
And the HIGHLY needed 29.97 instead of the current non-standard 30.00?

– Even more, what about a 720p option, that could help so many customers/professionals a lot in many jobs, which would also extend the current recording time limit (which is in fact a 4GB file size limit)?

– Are you going to offer 24/25/30 at Full HD (1080p) and HD (720p), and even 60fps at VGA (640×480) in a $1,000 cheaper, cropped sensor camera and forget everything you achieved in the market with the 5D Mark II and all your customers?

– Or are you going to put more efforts and improve the 5D Mark II Firmware too ?

The full manual control was publicly released due the HUGE demand and popularity, it was a convenient move in business terms.
If we all (community around the world) hadn’t requested it by every possible way, it could have probably been never released (officially, cause it was already “there”).

– Canon should take care of customers loyalty, even for a matter of business.
So many responses given by tech support when asking about manual control were kind of joke, completely unprofessional, like some statements in the original 5D Mark II White Paper (removed from 5D MK II webpage after a while)

– If Canon does not improve 5D Mark II, we are getting used to be treated VERY unprofessionally, with silence as answers to our questions/request, or with responses that say nothing but “we can not tell anything about what Canon is or is not going to…”

– Customers of a professional camera and professional line of lenses, investing thousands of dollars in Canon equipment deserve respect, good customer service, attention, and clear answers to their inquiries and requests.

We are not talking about a $200 camera, but a $2,700 body-only camera…

– Magic Lantern Project team has proven to be more efficient and creative in few months, than Canon with all their resources in a much longer period of time.


We are tired of being a kind of toys in the business topic.
In the facts, customers are EVERYTHING for a company. Without customers’ purchases and loyalty, the company will not survive.

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  1. *#@*! Canon
    I had enough

    I´m selling all my cameras and lenses and will never buy anything from this company.

    Comment by coppa | September 1, 2009 | Reply

  2. Very good post with some very valid points. Come on Canon stop being @!?*wits

    Comment by Ben Young | September 1, 2009 | Reply

  3. 4 years ago I sold all of my Nikon equipment to make the Canon move to the 5D because they clearly had the digital edge for image quality, and when they created the 5D mark II I thought we had it all, but I agree, moves like this from Canon to offer a product with newer tech and more advanced features in a pro-sumer camera then the one we all just paid more for is reason alone to jump ship back to Nikon. Listen up Canon…

    Comment by Paul | September 1, 2009 | Reply

  4. Well said.

    This whole thing is completely backwards.

    Comment by Bixbie | September 1, 2009 | Reply

  5. They’ll never learn…dumb, dumb, dumb!!! If their people in marketing had the brains of a flea they would understand that what they gain in sales of the 7D they’ll lose twice over in loss of revenue from loyal customers who will switch to companies like Red. Their dissatisfaction will be communicated to the subsequent generations of aspiring independent film makers.

    The days of supremacy without regard for loyal customers have come to an end. Over the next few years, we will see many versions of the “Cinema type” DSLR from emerging companies. With all that competition it will be too late for Canon to have a solid share of the market, just as it is already too late for Sony, Panasonic, and JVC. While those companies have had to switch over from planned obsolescence to innovation, they have lost their control of the market. Their market control did a Titanic when the first generation RED camera was released. No matter how good or bad the new version of the RED is, the company has solidified their reputation by providing a string of updates to their firmware. I’d hazzard a guess that there will be few if any defecting from RED to Canon or Nikon, while there will be many departing the DSLR world for the RED.

    When the scat hits the fan, they’ll probably fire many upper management people from Canon…but, by then it will probably be too late….


    Comment by Tom B | September 2, 2009 | Reply

  6. very good post!

    i m so angry with canon.

    i bought the canon 5d with a lot enthousiasm (and a financial effort 3300 euros ) but realized pretty soon that i couldn t use it the way i wanted just because of the missing 25P!
    i live in europe and here the format is PAL (25 P).at first i thought i could edit
    my video in 30P and then convert it.unfotunately i ve tried lots of methods, i spent a lot of money in professional studios and the result wasn t good enough.

    now i feel very frustrated cause in one hand i see the potential of the camera but on the other hand i cannot use it professionally.

    please canon do something about it or give us a clear statetement:

    -are you going to release a new firmware yes or no?

    -will you add 25/24P?

    thank you,


    Comment by marco | September 15, 2009 | Reply

  7. Hey guys, the RED Scarlet is coming pretty soon!
    I was very disappointed that Canon released cheaper 7D with 24p/25p, only after few months later of 5D Mark II release.
    That is really cheating the customers. So, I recommend you all to change to RED/Scarlet and support the real professional company with a respect for their customers.

    -Film Director

    Comment by Film Director | October 9, 2009 | Reply

  8. The recent Canon 5D2 firmware upgrade to manual control was only a half effort, as they have excluded 25 – 24p.

    30p suits basically USA, Canada, and not the rest of the world, thats a whopping huge market which has not been satisfied so far in this respect.

    Canon clearly have the technology to do 25-24p – eg 7D.

    Canon need to be clear on this issue…Canon 5D2 users in the 50hz countries are ticked off and and may well migrate to other hardware manufacturers who know the customers needs and will listen to the marketplace, and act accordingly.
    ( c’mon, which company is selling toasters to countries where the power source is incompatible… its a no-brainer, what are you thinking Canon! )

    Comment by Leeroy | October 13, 2009 | Reply

  9. I was going to buy a 5D2 or 7D, maybe sell my Nikon equipment.

    I was thinking that Canon consideration of customers was better than the one of… Apple, just to mention one company I came to know and despise.

    It seems as I was wrong. It seems as Canon managers are not as good as their engineers. The fact their image quality is consistently free of nasty surprises (of the kind you find in Panasonic products in my humble opinion, after investing thousands dollars) doesn’t imply their marketing managers are as smart.

    I think this happens with many companies.
    Alas, it seems as sells people have a mother****er chip implanted into their brain, or their DNA itself give them a predator instinct which makes them “suitable” (?) for the job.

    I think I’ll wait, no money to Canon, here’s my solidarity to people with sacred solid arguments for their claims.

    Comment by photographFilmmaker | December 10, 2009 | Reply

  10. http://www.trustedreviews.com/digital-cameras/news/2009/12/08/Canon-EOS-5D-MkII-Getting-60fps-HD-Recording/p1

    (also read comments there)

    Comment by photographFilmmaker | December 14, 2009 | Reply

  11. Your post hits the nail on the head.

    Canon is a Toyota disaster ready to happen any day.
    Ask Toyota what happens when you ignore problems and sweep customer loyalty under the rug.

    I feel Canon took my $2700 for the 5Dmk2 and left me at the table with all its shortcomings.

    Are they crazy thinking I will purchase a rumored 5Dmk3 to fix some of the problems.

    Comment by Steve C | February 15, 2010 | Reply

  12. You should see the new 550D. I’d be upset if I bought the 5D mark II.
    WTF was canon thinking. They are forgetting about their pro users.

    Comment by Sparky | February 24, 2010 | Reply

  13. I’ve been a Canon activist since the eos 600 film camera, what sets Canon apart is its autofocus; or so I thought I’ve sold my 1D mk3 because of poor focusing I’ve got the 7D now,not a bad camera but still focus problems, my 5D mk2 was more stable/consistent. I am loyal to Canon because I know they can deliver they did so in the film era and up to the 1D mk2N but whaaaat is going on now? I just want to cry…. I don’t need the filmaking gimmicks just a camera that focuses dead spot on like my eos 3 film camera.Canon has redeemed themselves slightly by upgrading their 70-200IS mkII but that is not going to help me if the camera suffers from backfocusing. Please canon sort yourselves out.

    Comment by Warren | June 11, 2010 | Reply

  14. Me too…long time loyal Canon customer – 10s of thousands invested in Canon equipment – but getting totally fed up with their marketing-centric rather than customer-centric approach.

    It may not cost Canon much to upgrade firmware on their 5DMKII/7D etc. (video capable cameras) but it certainly costs me a lot to go months/years without features that are already possible on the camera while waiting for Canon’s next release of a replacement camera. What is maddening is that Canon has a camera with the capability (but not firmware enabled) – and they have now chosen to BLOCK hackers that are working diligently to enable the full feature set through new firmware – likely so that they can make money selling the next version of the camera body – with new firmware enabled features.

    Why not handle this like a software upgrade? Why not develop a firmware 1.3 for example – and sell the upgrade for some reasonable software upgrade price – to current owners of the camera. Wouldn’t you be willing to pay something to enable these desirable features on your camera? Canon is missing the boat here. They could pay for their firmware engineering efforts to some extent by enabling loyal customers to “upgrade” their cameras with great firmware…okay, the options might eventually be limited (you can’t firmware upgrade the sensor) – but they could add lots of functionality, charge for it – and we camera owners wouldn’t have to relearn a new camera body every 18-36 months.

    C’mon guys, get with it – or your competitors will capture a few of us formerly loyal customers. It is your attitude of not caring about what the customer wants – features that are totally possible with their existing cameras – that is starting to get through to us!

    …Engineer the upgrade, market the upgrade firmware or an “annual subscription fee” to the latest features, charge us for it, make your great cameras/lenses better, and keep your loyal customer base (and make money doing so).

    Comment by dnarich | August 26, 2010 | Reply

    • We agree 100% with you.

      Comment by Admin | August 27, 2010 | Reply

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